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Domestic & International Sales Strategies

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When was the last time a service provider was so confident in their pricing and service that they handed you the playbook? Below are many of the tools you need to succeed in international business, including extensive contact lists. We are redefining the way professional services consulting is implemented and we believe that even with the right tools, you will find our service professionally valuable.

We provide small and mid-size businesses with buying (import) assistance as well as professional market entry (export) services to sell your product or service to new markets. Feel free to use the resources to do it yourself or let us know if we can help.

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Why Import?

Export Reps strongly supports US business. 

Importing specific materials, services, components, or even entire assemblies allows you to make your overall product more competitive.

More competitive products make your US business better able to compete for additional market share in the US and abroad.

Why Export? 

95% of the world's customers and the fastest-growing markets are outside U.S. borders.

Businesses that export grow faster, stay in business longer, and see more sales growth.

Exporting helps your business ride out economic downturns and enjoy more financial stability.

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